Our gig in Madrid has moved a week backwards, and…

…it has also shifted from venue. So instead of playing at Februari 15 in a venue located in the outskirts of Madrid, we will be playing at February 22 in Sala Barracudas. That’s a venue which is located in the very center of Madrid! And we are of course very happy about this. The line up has also changed a bit, because Female Extreme Dame Nation Fest has been split up into two dates, 22 Februari and 1 March.
The other bands who will be joining us in the fun are Edge of Serenity (NL) – progressive melodic metal, Liquid Graveyard (United Kingdom/Spain) – death metal, Kabal (Spain) – death metal, and Toxic Army (Spain) – industrial Metal. So Madrid, come and join us, because this party is on!

Female Extreme Dame Nation Metal Fest 2014