Madrid – The aftermath + A new gig!

A week has passed now since our gig at Barracudas Rock Bar in Madrid. Visiting Madrid and getting the chance to gig there was simply awesome. Our stay at Madrid was terrific, the gig went really good, Kabal was fun and we got to meet some very nice and interesting people. We had a Blast!! Hopefully we have to chance to visit and gig in Spain more often in the future. We would surely like to. Check our Pics page and our facebook page for some awesome pictures. And of course we also have some videos line up for you:  and

Many many thanks go out to Raquel and John Walker for hooking us up with this gig. Much thanks to Barracudas Rock Bar for having us, to Kabal for sharing the stage and partying along with us, to Jeffrey Pieters and Rens Hilgers for coming and partying along with us and for the assitance during the gig and to Jaime Torres for lending his amp to us and for the support. And last, but certainly not least, thanks to everybody else who showed up and joined the party. It has been major fun!

We also have added a new gig to our schedule. After almost 14 years we will play again at the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. So much time has passed and we have have certainly changed sinced the first time we played there. All the more reason to party hard on the stage of the Winston Kingdom (and we are looking to it). We won’t be playing alone at the Winston Kingdom, because we will support two awesome bands, namely Selfmachine (modern metal) and Bloid (groove metal). More details of this gig will follow, so stay tuned.

Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam