Good news!

Hi all! It has been over two months now since our last post. We’ve kept a bit quiet, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t busy. Let me first start off with the most important bit of news at the moment: Erik is recovering quite well from his brainstroke. And we are of course very happy about this. However, recovering from such an ordeal as a brainstroke requires one to take it really easy. So we are still laying low at least until the end of this year to let Erik recover further at his own pace.

So how are things with our upcoming cd? What we can say now is that it’s in its final stage of mastering. Thing are looking really good here, so stay tuned.

We are still totally in at the To Hell With Cancer Festival at the P3 on 21 december. This is certainly proofing to be a kick-ass festival that we wouldn’t want to miss for sure. Ten great bands, an auction with cool items and a full day of metal in a fantastic venue for a really small price. And all that for a good cause. Check out the flyer below for the full line-up, get your ticket a.s.a.p. and come join us at this party to help kick out cancer.
And oh… we might have some surpises up our sleave during this gig…

The to hell with cancer flyer. Come and join the party!

And how are we doing with gigs for the upcoming year. Well… we have an exciting announcement to make about this soon. So also on that account; stay tuned…