We are going to play at Victorie Deaf Fest – The first in a series of confirmed gigs for this coming autumn.

Yes, you did read it correctly. We have some gigs lined up which are already confirmed for this coming autumn. So the first gig which we announce here is an awesome one which we already are looking forward to. On Saturday September the 6th we are going to play at Victorie Deaf Fest which takes place at the Victorie in Alkmaar. This is an annual death metal fest featuring all kind of cool brutal bands. And now it’s our turn to destroy the main stage of the Victorie. And of course, we will not do this alone. Playing along side of us are our long time friends of Morvigor (progressive death metal), the young metalcore band Nervous Breakdown, the brutal death metallers of Pulverised, and the brutal melodic death/thrash metal band The Slaughter.
This an evening you definitely not want to miss
… because this will be going down hard! So get your tickets, come on time, bring all your friends and let’s get this party started.

Pop Podium Victorie - Alkmaar