A new gig! Leiden, here we come…

Today we can add yet another new gig to our list. Because at August 31st we’ll be playing at Rockcafé Lazaru’s in Leiden. Rockcafé Lazaru’s is a rockclub which is situated at the outskirts of the center of Leiden. It’s a nice bar with an open setting and a small but cool stage. They have a tasty selection of beers and spirits perfectly suited for thirsty headbangers and metalheads. And now we are invited to come and throw a party there. As always we are really looking forward to that, because we are good a throwing parties… brutal death metal parties, that is… So cover up your ears and warm up you neck muscles, Leiden, because here we come!
Opening up for us on the evening are Praying for Darkness, a local metal cover band. The entrance is free on that evening, so all the more reasons for you to show up and join the party, dear reader.

Rockcafé Lazaru's - Leiden