Winter is coming to the HPC in Den Haag…

…and we will be right in the middle. Because we will appear at this years Winterfest.
And we think that’s really awesome! Winterfest is a yearly returning music festival which is held at the Haags Pop Centrum in Den Haag and hosting a lot of bands with every edition. This years Winterfest, which will be held at February 21, is no exception with 53 bands in total including us.

Winterfest 2015Up and until now Winterfest has been a big succes with lots of people, friends, music and other awesomness, so we are eager to take part in this and play a blistering and skull splitting gig during this fantastic festival.
Check us out during Winterfest where we will begin destroying studio 6 at 20:00.

Last Fear @ Winterfest - Studio 6 - 20:00