Gigs, gigs, fresh new Last Fear gigs!

We have two new gigs lined up for the upcoming next weeks. First up: Friday april 3 at the Asgard in Beverwijk.
After a year or so we return to one of our favourite metal bars in the country. Hanging out their is always big fun, because of all the really nice people, the awesome choice of music, the overall atmosphere, and last but not least their excellent selection of fine beers and spirits.
Now we have the chance to turn the place up-side-down again. That means: Party!! Of course we will not be doing this alone. Because together with the death metal dudes of Rotten Casket we will be supporting the German butchers of Cryptic Brood. This promises to be a show which will definitely will fry your brains and tear-up your ear drums. So be sure you come on time, because it’s on Ladies and gentlemen…

Rock Café Asgard