2 New gigs!

It’s not every day that we can ad two gigs to our roster, but today is such a day. And we are of course, as with any gig, we are really happy with both gigs. So both gigs will take place in South Holland. One in Den Haag and the other one in Scheveningen. Two dates of Last Fear’s death metal mayhem:

Saturday April 5 – We will play at the Saturnus in Scheveningen. Headlining in a cool little venue which can hold around 175 people in a coastal town… We are liking this already. Supporting us on this gig are the heavy metallers of Wrecking Crew and  the heavy/doom/ black metal band Celesterre. So come on down to the seaside on April 5 to grab yourself a cold one and see us reduce the stage to cinders. You won’t want to miss this because this is a party which is just waiting to happen.

Saturnus Live Music - Scheveningen

Friday May 9 – Finally after a couple of years of absence we are returning to Den Haag! A reacquaintance with a city where we played a lot the past. The venue where will be playing at is also a bit of a reacquaintance. Because we will be playing at the HPC, which is also a cool little venue. Of course we won’t be alone, because joining us that night are our good friends of Infantry (death metal) and the local heroes of Deathhammer (death metal covers). To all you death metal addicts out there, be sure to come. Because we will definitely blow your brains out… musically.

Haag Pop Centrum - Den Haag