Released: 23 December 2013

With pride we officially introduce to you our latest album: ‘Incidents’.  Enjoy!
It’s available as a CD in a deluxe digisleeve directly at us at our show for €10,-, or you can order your copy online here.

Incidents digisleeve

‘Incidents’ is also already available on some of these sites and services and will become avaiable on more overtime:

Incidents will soon be available on these sites and services.

Main Course Bitch (2012)

Released: 20 October 2012

This is our first official track which features Lisa on lead vocals.

As a basis for this track we used the Main Course Bitch track which appeared on our 2009 promo. We redid all the vocals with, of course, Lisa as lead vocalist and Youri and Leon doing backings. Erik has redone his solos and we added some additional guest solos done by Tom Heemskerk (PPTA, Forever Mortal). We also did a retake on the mix.

Want to have this track? It is featured on the Blown to Bits V sampler CD along with a host of other cool metal bands. You can download this CD here for FREE!

Main Course Bitch

Released: 28 July 2009

This is our 2009 Promo.
After guitarist Pieter Schouten left the band in 2008, Leon Noë took over his place. Quiet soon we managed to attract our current drummer Bas Bloos. With that new line-up we recorded ‘Main Course Bitch’ in our own rehearsal room to show the world that we are still alive and kicking.

Non Compos Mentis

Released: 20 December 2003

Our second EP. It features former guitar player Pieter Schouten, and Leon is still banging the drums here.

2001 promo

Released: 05 October 2001

2001 promo cover art

This promo was recorded somewhere in the late summer of 2001 between the departure of one of our guitarists and the arrival of his replacement: Pieter Schouten.
It’s actually the only track ever recorded with the smallest possible, but still workable Last Fear line-up ever: Erik – guitars, Leon – drums & guitars, Youri – bass & vocals.

Want to get your hands on this awesome piece of rare Last Fear legacy and a host of other legacy metal tracks? This track did appear on the Blown To Pieces vol.1 compilation cd which has been re-released by Click on the following link and grab yourself copy.

She’s Gut Guts​.​.​.

Released: 07 April 2001

Our very first EP. Extremely old stuff, nothing fancy, but if you like really old school Obituary/Asphyx styled death metal, then this could be fun to check out.
We will not offer this EP up for download, simply because this style doesn’t represent us anymore by far.