About Last Fear

Last Fear is a death metal band whose members all hail from Purmerend, The Netherlands.
The history of the band began somewhere in 1996, but the main core was established, after a number of switches from instruments and members, in 1999. Since then Last Fear really began to get active and somewhere in 2000 they started to gig around. In 2001 they recorded the first EP (She’s Gut Guts …) and it received positive reviews on several underground sites. Gigs followed including at venues like the Baroeg (Rotterdam), Scum (Katwijk) and the Kade (Zaandam). In 2003 after another member switch, a second EP entitled: ́Non Compos Mentis ́ was recorded and it received very favorable reviews in the press and on underground sites. More gigs followed at venues such as the P60 (Amstelveen), the Buze (Steenwijk) and the P3 (Purmerend).

Then a twist of fate hit in early 2008 and it began to rumble again within the ranks of the band. Another round of switches concerning instruments and members followed, with Leon moving from the drums to guitar. He also started sharing vocals with Youri. Moreover, Bas was drafted as the new drummer. With this line-up the 3-track promo ‘Main Course Bitch’ was recorded in 2009, and with it in hand, Last Fear reported back at the metallic fray. Quite soon after this, the band started working again on new material. And it evolved rather good. So due to the increased complexity of the new songs on which Last Fear has been working on for some time now, it was decided that the band would greatly benefit if they would attract a separate lead singer. This would beef up the vocals even more because Youri and Leon would not quit doing vocals, but in this way they could also pay more attention to their guitar playing.

After a couple of auditions Last Fear finally found a vocalist which left a big impression on all bandmembers. Her name: Lisa Leerkamp. Her aggresive vocal style and her enthusiatic drive really fits in the band, and after some rehearsals, Lisa joined Last Fear officially at the beginning of July 2012. She proofed herself fantastically in the gigs that followed. She can now also be heard prominently on ‘Incidents’, the most brutal CD by Last Fear yet, which was released by the band at the end of December 2013. Obiously, they are anxious to send every audience home reeling and sonically beaten into submission after presenting this CD.

Last Fear, 4 guys and 1 girl, have embarked on a mission to unleash brutal in-your-face death metal on the unsuspecting audience, shake the foundations of many stages and to blow up as many eardrums as possible. You ́ve been warned…

Last Fear is:

Lisa Leerkamp – lead vocals
Youri Fambach – bass / vocals
Erik Buitendijk – guitars
Bas Bloos – drums
Leon Noë – guitars / vocals

See their faces.

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